About Us

Tony Smith is the second generation grower and owner of The Fruit Factory. The Fruit Factory is a small family farm that offers a destination u-pick and a unique experience visiting and learning about the many offerings. We offer a variety of fruits and citrus. The Fruit Factory specializes in creating corporate gift packages that can ship throughout the USA. For years friends have visited and enjoyed our small family farm. So what started as a family tradition 40 years ago is now being offered to the public.

The Fruit Factory™, a Georgia Grown member Growing the Good Stuff™.

In 2001, Tony purchased his parents farm and began working to expand the operation as a salute to the Smith family tradition of caring for and sharing their citrus fruit. Initially with seven trees bearing a variety of citrus fruit the farm has expanded since then. With the majority of our trees being grafted, we do have some rooted cuttings and seedlings. Our trees are planted at high density using micro jet cold protection. We use organic practices in our operation. We may not have the biggest operation, but we definitely grow the best.

We have different fruits available when in season including, Pears, Pomegranate, Grapes, Mulberries, Blueberries, Loquat, and Native Blackberries with more fruit being added. Fruit will have a little bit of green because we don't color our fruit. We offer U-pick or We-pick.

Fresh Fruit 365 Days a Year (weather permitting)